1. Logistics supervisor:
Gender: unlimited
Degree: junior college
2. Clear thinking, flexible mind, responsible, active learning and able to work under strong pressure. 3. Good interpersonal skills, written and oral expression skills;
Age requirement: 20 to 35 years old number: 3
2. Financial assistant
Gender: unlimited
Education requirement: bachelor degree
Familiar with electronic components or related industries is preferred
1. Responsible for auditing the legality, authenticity and integrity of the original vouchers (expenses reimbursement, etc.). 2. Responsible for reasonably setting the account book, filling in the voucher correctly, and strictly reviewing the standardization of the abstract and the accuracy of the subject. 3. Responsible for accounting treatment and timely completion of various statements and analysis reports. 4. Responsible for sorting, binding and keeping accounting documents, accounting books, accounting statements and financial documents, etc. 5. Responsible for auditing and checking accounts receivable and accounts payable, and timely reporting any problems. 6. Be responsible for tax declaration and tax payment, and maintain peripheral relations such as Banks and fiscal and tax authorities. 7. Responsible for the cost accounting of the company. 8. Handle daily cash and bank deposit receipts and payments, make cash and bank payment accounting vouchers according to the original receipt and payment voucher already handled, and register cash journal and bank deposit journal every day. 9. Accurately calculate and pay the salary of the whole company. 10. Other matters related to finance or arranged by superiors.
3. Purchasing assistant
Gender: unlimited
Education: junior college
1. Sorted out department contracts and various documents, recorded procurement progress and arrival time. 2. Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports according to relevant purchasing data. 3. Collect, sort out and make statistics of various purchase documents and statements. 4. Goods quality tracking, maintenance and related customs declaration system implementation. 5. Communication and implementation of various procurement matters. 6. Timely sort out supplier information, including supplier quotation and product information, and collect them to the department manager. 7. Assisted the department head to make inquiries and timely notify the department head of relevant matters. 8. Assist each supplier to follow up the arrival situation and after-sales problems. 9. Payment arrangement and review. 10. Responsible for reviewing the purchase documents of each store and each department, and submitting them to the department head for review. 11. Complete all tasks assigned by superior leaders